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Need help? Try the User Guide. Or, see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us via email at We would love to know how you're using the app, and to have your suggestions for ways to improve it (though please note that we are not able provide any compensation for submitted ideas; the same idea may have been submitted previously, or may already be in our plans).

See our YouTube channel for movies featuring Prop UI. If you've made a movie with our app, please let us know! User Guide (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions
What version of iPadOS is required?
Which iPads are supported?
Does it work on iPhone?
Is there a version for Android tablets?
Does the app generate any sounds?
How many modules can I have on the screen in each document?
How do I export my work to use in my production?
I used Prop UI in a movie I made. Do you want to see it?
I have an idea for a module or other feature request. Can you include my idea?